Midlands Medical Centre is a Private Hospital in Pietermaritzburg


Staff purchased bandana’s that are purchased from Pick ‘n Pay by the Marketing Department and wear them on National Bandana Day. All proceeds go to the Sunflower Foundation. The Sunflower Foundation aims to educate and recruit a viable source of well-informed potential bone marrow stem cell donors who are ethnically diverse, in an effort to save the lives of those needing a transplant when suffering from life-threatening blood disorders. It strives to maintain the associated donor records of the South African Bone Marrow Registry.

In 2009  Midlands Medical Centre hosted a Cuppa for CANSA day in assocation with the Cancer Association for National Breast Cancer Month which was in October, all donations  collected by the staff where donated to the Cancer Assocation. On the 12 October 2010 the staff  purchased stickers from the Cancer Assocation and wore Bandana’s  on National Bandana Day.

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