Midlands Medical Centre is a Private Hospital in Pietermaritzburg


Dear Shareholder, Colleagues, Staff and other Stakeholders

On the occasion of the past year which heralded our 25th anniversary, I wish to congratulate everyone associated with our company for all the efforts in organizing and celebrating a landmark moment in our history.

The collective efforts have helped highlight not only the company’s achievements, but the role of our staff in making us the most patient-centric hospital in our area. I commend one and all for your loyalty and service in helping to grow the institution to what it is today.

As regards the future, the next two years will be the most exciting in terms of completing a master plan that will define us for the next decade. Our plans are well known. The Directors and Manco look forward to seeing through a project that will see most departments refurbished. I would like to pay tribute to the pioneer directors who initiated the company and who continue to provide ongoing advice and guidance in all aspects of the company’s present and future plans. These doctors, Drs M Lalloo, D Padayachee, S Goga, DE Maney, M Marrie, T Bhika, KM Daniels, need to be congratulated and acknowledged for planting the seeds that have created the behemoth company that we have today. To others who have made contributions, we thank you. If we have erred in not mentioning others, we ask you to forgive our oversight.

On behalf of the board, I wish all a safe and prosperous year. May all your dreams come true.

 Dr Ashraff Y D Moosa, Chairman of the Board



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