Midlands Medical Centre is a Private Hospital in Pietermaritzburg

There are a variety of speciality services that are available on the Midlands Medical Centre premises.  These are private service providers that perform supporting services for the hospital.  We will describe these briefly below:

Renal Dialysis Unit

National Renal Care has a unit located in our Casualty Department at Midlands Medical Centre.  They are able to offer a full range of renal services to the public.  For further information please contact them on 033 342 1112 or visit their website for more information on www.nrc.co.za.

Radiology Services / X-ray (with CT scanner)

Jackpersad and Partners provide X-ray services to the public, including CT facilities.  Should you wish to contact them please call them on 033 392 4780 or visit their website, www.jackpersad.co.za, for further info.

Pathology Laboratories

We have two Pathology laboratories on our premises, namely Lancet Laboratories and Ampath.  These laboratories provide a full range of pathology services to the public.  Should you wish to contact them, please do so on:

Lancet Laboratories: 033 394 3802 or visit their website, www.lancet.co.za, for further info.

Ampath: 033 342 8429 or visit their website, www.ampath.co.za, for further info.

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